REEESafe Coming Soon

REEESafe is the new site for Stakeholders registered with EEESafe who want to engage with the Sales of Quality Recycled Appliance Spares.

We consider the risks of fitting the wrong parts to household appliances, are too high and endanger households to the risks of fires and serious accidents. A recent ITV Programme highlights these dangers which you can find HERE

It is a fact that 85% of all Household fires caused by electricity are attributable to Appliances and that there are 350,000 serious accidents caused by them in UK households per annum. You can find that information HERE

The initial draft we propose below as a a Safe Standard of reusable spares applies to Major Functional Components i.e. Drum, Tub Assemblies, Motors etc, but not Cosmetics. i.e, shelves, knobs.

Draft Proposals

  • The Scope of our proposal will centre around a Quality Assured Reclaimed QAR or Farmed products from Spares reclaimed from older or damaged Appliances.
  • Products should be cleaned and both functionally and safety tested and where not being used internally for repair, should be boxed for resale
  • A minimum warranty of 6 months will be given by those involved in selling the Spares. (Proposals are being discussed by our Steering Council to make this 12 Months)
  • The components being supplied need to be the correct part for the correct Model as recommended by the Manufacturer
  • EEESafe’s audited Registered Centres, or LocalitEEE Hubs with Shops, if found to be dealing in parts other than the OEM’s approved parts, unless clearly marked as being suitably compatible will have their REEESafe Approved Mark removed.
  • The use of ‘Farmed or QAR, Quality Assured Parts’ is purely optional and their use maybe restricted by contractual arrangements.
  • Farmed Parts (Quality Assured Reclaimed) are not for use on in-guarantee or manufacturer warranted appliance unless specifically authorised by them.
  • EEESafe does not demand or wish to influence the use of ‘Farmed’ (QAR) parts they only seek to offer cost effective quality assured alternatives to both the trade and their respective customers.
  • The decision to use or not to use such items is purely at the discretion of each individual business, their contractual agreements with work providers and their own business procedures.

A protocol for Parts Testing will be aligned with the REEESafe Platform.  If you want to engage and work with us, please get in touch with us HERE.  We are looking to increase our Steering Group to continue to develop this protocol.

REEESafe is a Brand of EEESafe who are Signatories to WRAP’s ESAP Programme which can be found HERE.